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Thanks a ton for jumping on board for a quick chat. We appreciate you guys taking out the time. To kick start the interview, could you introduce yourselves and your shop to our readers?

Hey! So myself, Bex, and my partner, Chris, own Freshly Ground Ink and have been open since late 2019.

At what age did you get into the art of tattooing?

I was fascinated by it from a young age and knew I would have tattoos when I was old enough. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and became a tattoo apprentice when I was 20.

What made you realize that you wanted to be a tattoo artist full time and have your own shop? Was it a lifelong dream since a young age?

It’s a dream in itself to do something you love for a living. I love creating something for someone every day. I knew I wanted my own shop as soon as I started my apprenticeship. I wanted to have a creative space that expresses the values I believe in and to help everyone who walks past not feel intimidated. Also where everyone who works and gets tattooed here feels looked after.

What sets Freshly Ground Ink apart from other shops and what style of tattoos do you guys focus on mostly?

At FGI we are really keen to do what we can to make tattooing a more sustainable industry. We are proudly sponsored by Green House Tattoo Supplies who are amazing teachers and advocates of sustainable tattooing. On top of this, we pride ourselves in how our studio feel and vibe is, being open and inviting to our clients with a much more open and light take on how tattoo studios usually look.

What are your favourite style of tattoos to do?

Any of the above! There are so many styles of tattooing out there and so many artists creating cool art every day. I think we all take a lot of inspiration from each other and other artists and tattoo artists.

How would your describe your artists artistic styles?

We have 3 artists who totally excel in their own styles. Bex specializes in blackwork/pattern work/geometric tattooing. Stix specializes neo-traditional/traditional/colour tattooing. Cara specializes in illustrative blackwork.

Do you have a formal art background?

Nope! You can study art, for sure, but if you are passionate and committed, that’s all you need to succeed.

What advice could you give to others looking to start up their own shop?

Accept help from people who want to help you. Rest and downtime are also just as important. Don’t burn yourself out.

What has been the most positive experience you guys have had since starting up Freshly Ground Ink?

Meeting Stix and Cara. Also watching our vision finally come to life.

Where are you guys based and where can our readers get in touch if they’d like to pop in for a session?

We are based in Leamington Spa.

Check us out on Instagram & Facebook.

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