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Goldwing Tattoo Co. is a cozy and beautiful studio nestled in the heart of Dorset. Here, tattoo artist and studio owner Megan Bird, along with her two furry friends Pig and Murph, creates stunning works of art that adorn the bodies of her clients. We had the privilege of getting to know Megan a little more through this interview - read on to find out more.

A Brief Introduction

I’m Meg! I’ve been tattooing for about 3 years now and specialise in illustrative blackwork. I love combining fine lines with darker shading, and love including little realism elements too. I opened my own studio last year and I’ve never been happier tattooing every day in my own space with my little gang (and my dogs!)

How Did You End Up Getting Into Tattooing?

It was a bit of a wild one actually. I was working in video production and finding myself drawing more and more, and wishing I could do it all day long. Long story short, Frank Carter needed an apprentice, I went and spent the day in his studio with him and was about to make the move to London to work with him.

Unfortunately, when the lease fell through for his studio, so did my job. Having spent the time with him I was absolutely certain tattooing was the job for me, so I emailed about 50 studios before I finally found one that would take me, and ended up working with and learning from the insanely talented Amy Billing. I was lucky enough to move with her when she opened Hobo Jack and I’ve been tattooing ever since!

Did You Always Know You Wanted to Be a Tattoo Artist?

Not really! I’ve been drawing my whole life but my parents have always hated tattoos, so I sort of just never really thought it was an option for me. One day, my mum just told me, “If it’s what you really want, go and do it,” and it’s been the best decision ever.

Now that I’m doing it, it feels like it’s what I was always meant to do, and my parents are slowly coming round to it, thankfully!

What Led to the Decision to Open Up Your Own Studio?

It’s just something I’ve dreamt of since I started tattooing. I love interior decorating, and having my own space to do what I want with has been so much fun.

I wanted to create more than just a studio - kind of a little safe space for anyone who needs it. I want local artists to feel like they can drop in if they want somewhere to draw for a bit. I want community drawing nights. I just want a space where people feel inspired and like to hang out. I also just wanted my own studio dogs, they were a big motivator!

You Opened Goldwing Tattoo Co. Last Year - Congratulations! What Were Some of the Challenges You Faced When Opening Up Your Own Studio, and How Did You Overcome Them?

Thank you! The pressure was probably the biggest challenge, and still is to be honest. I just want Goldwing to be the best. I want the girls that work with me to have everything they need and want. I want them to feel inspired and love coming to work every day. Because of that, I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to make everything perfect all the time, and that’s a lot to take on!

I guess I’m overcoming it by realising that the little things don’t matter so much, all I need to do is keep the place running and make sure the girls are supported.

What Has Been the Biggest Highlight Since Opening Up Your Own Space?

I feel like there’s a new one every week! Drawing nights are always really fun. We had our first guest artist last week and the feeling of a full studio of friends making tattoos together was amazing.

Please tell us a little about Pig & Murph! I’m sure it’s a treat for customers to walk in and be greeted by such sweet faces.

I think half the reason I wanted a studio was to have my own studio dog, so every day is a dream with them. Murph was a complete accident. We went to pick up Pig (we’d met her a few weeks before) and she pulled Murph out from under the sofa and I burst into tears, so we kinda just had to take him home. They’re absolute best pals and they hang out on the studio windowsill all day, making the day of literally everyone that walks past.

If you could tattoo anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

This is probably an embarrassing answer, but Phil Collins. I just love him. I feel like he’d have some pretty cool stories to tell too!

What’s something people might be surprised to learn about you?

I can drive a digger.

Finish the Sentence:

a) When I’m not working, you can find me… usually messing around on the farm! Trying to do up a campervan, watching really bad reality TV or drinking margaritas.

b) To me, tattooing is a form of… Expression. For you and your client, it’s a way to express who you are and put your story and your feelings and your passions on your skin. It’s pretty insane that people trust me to put something on them forever, and that’s something I’ll never take for granted.

c) If I could give one piece of advice to my younger self, it would be… stress less. As cliché as it might be, it all works out in the end.

d) I can’t get through the day without… coffee! Tons of it. Strong as they come.

e) Something I’m looking forward to this year is… working my first convention! I can’t wait to take Goldwing on the road and work a convention with my work bestie, Holly.

f) If I weren’t a tattoo artist, I’d be a… I’m pretty sure I’d be in the music industry, actually. I worked for the video department in Warner Music briefly and absolutely loved it, so I’d probably be in London pursuing that!


Check out Megan's work here, and follow Goldwing Tattoo Co. here.

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